miércoles, 6 de agosto de 2008

Pequeños jocotitos cambalachines

Ya estamos rodeados de txikis por todos lados. Mucha vida y muchas ganas de aprender..los más peques son más bitxines y enredadores y los grandes se ve que se toman muy en serio todo lo que hacen, con mucha ilusión y profesionalidad..hoy por ejemplo, hemos visto una demostración de baile impresionante, mucho curro y muchas ganas.......
After lunch the little ones come in, running all over the place...they're full of life and energy! Around about the same time a stormy wind lifts... the wind's gets it's energy from the kids or they get their energy from the wind...who knows! The older ones take everything very seriously and professionally, they know that being able to come to the Cambalacha is a real opportunity for them. Hopefully this year they will be able to get their degrees as teachers from the Cambalacha. Today they put on a dance performance that they've been rehearsing for months... very impressive.

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